Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Save Money

You know, I was looking at my cable bill the other day, and contemplating changing my service to cut down on expenses. I was paying almost $11.00 a month just for one movie channel! On top of that, it's one we hardly ever watch. So I had pretty much decided I was gonna call the cable people and go down to basic service. It would cut my bill, but also limit my channels. My husband didn't want to do that because then he wouldn't get to watch the sports channels. So I scrapped that idea. Then I found a way that would allow my husband to see sports and give us both access to many, many other channels, while still saving money on my cable bill. As a matter of fact, I could cut it out completely if I wanted to. To check it out for yourself, click on this link. https://paydotcom.com/r/13541/SAVEMONEY1929/20515881/

C. D. Matthews